Welcome to Ask Dr. Mattie

The Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper Introduces Dr. Mattie Jones as a columnist for the Education Session of the paper. Look for the column ” PreKKey Corner with Dr. Mattie”  the second or third week of the month.

Children are not born resilient

In PreK-Corner, I share and have discussions with you about issues that cover the journey children take from birth to school age, and how this journey will affect them throughout their lives. Let’s start with adult resilience and an example of a basketball. A deflated...

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Getting on the same page when disciplining children

This month we will discuss another factor in disciplining young children. There are various factors to take into consideration when talking about discipline for young children. One crucial factor is the role of consistency. Every adult who interacts with children...

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Effective Parenting

Last month we discussed a few of the challenges that come with disciplining someone else’s children as well as our own. Because discipline is an extensive and subjective area of conversation, let’s keep our discussion on it. There are many perspectives on how children...

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Disciplining Someone Else’s Children

Have you ever heard yourself say “If you were my child I would ...”? Well, you may fill in the blank. The reality is he or she is not your child so what do you do when faced with a child you feel is being “bad” and out of control. Disciplining children should not be a...

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Introducing PreK Corner

Greetings to you all, I’m Mattie Jones, Ph.D., and I’d like to introduce PreK Corner with Dr. Mattie. In PreK Corner with Dr. Mattie columns, I am looking forward to sharing and discussing with you issues that cover the journey that children take from birth to school...

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